The Gallery below gives an impression of the works of art that Mascha makes. Do you want to know what’s for sale? Then go to art for sale or contact us for an appointment in the studio or a commissioned artwork.

Kunst aan het Klompenpad 2023

During the event “Kunst aan het Klompenpad” 2023 (Rhenen/Wageningen), Mascha presented five art installations. One of which is a sneak preview on the art installation she is currently working on: ‘the free human’. You can see the video impression here:

Artist of the Year 2022

With the artwork “Human Nature” Mascha was again elected Artist of the Year in Rhenen in 2022. During her work on another art work, she found the inspiration for “Human Nature” and entered it for the election. Since Mascha had won the same prize in 2020, she didn’t expect to win it at all!

New art work for exposition on diversity: “break the rulez”

For the new exposition “Break the Rulez”, Mascha is currenly working on a series of art works on the topic diversity and equality. The exposition is expected in 2023.

You can see a video impression on both art pieces (in dutch):

The blue bench: https://youtu.be/5Hy0Pal3qS8

The Human Zoo: https://youtu.be/Gvxsym7uVOM

Adolescent Incentive Machine (AIM)

Digital art work (in dutch):

Art you have to feel

In 2021 Mascha presented her “art to feel”. It is art made for people who can see and people who are blind. It is made to touch and feel. Each work of art evokes a different emotion.

This series won 2021 the Honorable mention of the Elisabeth van Thuringen Prize 2021 (national competition for art in health care). The dutch magazine “Zorgvisie” published an article about it: https://thinkpink.studio/2022/03/18/voelkunst-in-zorgvisie/

Artist of the Year 2020

With the art installation “Travel report, reflection on man as a learning being”, Mascha was named Artist of the Year 2020. The installation was shown during Open Monument Day in the Cunerakerk in Rhenen and afterwards in the Stadsmuseum Rhenen. The theme was “Learning Monuments”. The art work has been made of paper and wood.

The city as a canvas

As a symbol for connection, Mascha initiated “Rhenen Connects”. More than 1,540 people (young and old) answered the question: “what have you learned in 2020?”. In December 2020, the tickets were hung through the city of Rhenen.

Pyrography art and wooden paintings

Commissioned work “Re-Collection”

“Gone Diving, Gone Kitesurfing”, houten pyrografiekunst

Mini Art



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