Catamaran sailing at sunset.

Imagine this…. your father will become 70 years old. And you want something really special. Something unique, just like the very special personal that he is to you…

Jordan asked me to create this piece of wood burning art. They love sailing together.

The wood makes the surrounding of the wooden painting. The air and water are the pattern of the wood. The catamaran glides dynamically through the silvery waves toward the island.

Creating this piece, we choose the wood to make the surroundings. It’s been glued and sanded over and over again to make the perfect picture. Using pyrography, the catamaran appeared.

The painting has a personal inscription: “Sailing teaches us the best course isn’t always straight ahead”.

This blog article is in English so Jordan can read it as well. The piece has been shipped to the United States of America.

Catamaran die zeilt naar ondergaande zon
In opdracht gemaakt schilderij met catamaran die zeilt naar de ondergaande zon.

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