It’s sunset. Will you take shelter in the cave or climb all the way up?

Sometimes you have to make choices in your life. Imagine a Mountaineer: climbing a moutain. It’s sunset so it won’t be long till it gets dark. It’s cold. There are traces of snow on the mountain.

Luckally! There’s a cave in the Mountain. You could take shelter there. Or climb all the way up the Mountain, where you know there’s a little cottage with a hot tub….

What would you do? Spend the night in a cold cave but making sure that you have shelter? Or take the risk of climbing all the way up to the cottage? Risking that it will be too dark to climb, and you have to spend the night against the wall of the mountain without any shelter…

This piece is called “Mountaineer’s Dilemma”. It’s a wooden painting with pyrography art. The veins of the wood make the pattern of the mountain.

Got curious? See more art in the gallery of Think Pink Studio.

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