Article Cultuurplatform Rhenen on Think Pink Studio

The dutch website CultuurinRhenen.nl (an organization for culture in the Netherlands) published an article on 1 July 2019 about Think Pink Studio. Because it’s in Dutch, we’ve translated it for you in English.

Pyrography art by Think Pink Studio

Rhenen has a new artist. Mascha Bossuyt (Utrecht, 1975) established her Think Pink Studio in Rhenen in 2018. Mascha still works from her shed, but soon her studio is ready, she says enthusiastically. “Just in time for the art route in September in Rhenen”.

Mascha Bossuyt regularly collects solid wooden cast-offs and gives the beautiful wood of old furniture a new life. “There is often beautiful wood beneath the paint and dust, and when I pick it up, I often also get nice stories. With pyrography (woodburning) I create strong accents in this beautiful wood.”

The art of pyrography and woodworking

Tree at Mountain Lake
“Tree at Mountain Lake”

“For me, making a painting starts with the wood. Sanding, planing and sawing, I first make the old wood pure again. Then I combine strips of wood into a beautiful “canvas” or a sculpture.

The grain of the wood makes the painting. Beach, sea, sky and so on. I myself add pyrography elements to it: shadows, accents, and the parts the painting is about, for example a tree, a sailboat or children playing in the water. Very nice to create visual stories! ”

What perspective do you choose to look at the world?

“Think Pink” stands for enjoying making things beautiful. Just because it’s possible. And for embracing the freedom of life. In all its aspects. “I wish everyone this. For me, art is just something beautiful that touches people. Every time one of my pieces touches someone, I like to think that the world has become a little more beautiful,” says Mascha Bossuyt.

Mascha Bossuyt has an international reputation. This is evident from the many enthusiasts of her work from, among others, the United States. For more information, visit the Think Pink Studio website: http://www.thinkpink.studio. 

The studio will open on 7 September 2019. Those who want to get to know Mascha (‘s art) effectively are welcome at the Open Garden Exhibition during the Art Route Rhenen 2019 (7/8 and 14/15 September).

Photo Mascha Bossuyt from Think Pink Studio in Rhenen, the Netherlands
Photo Mascha Bossuyt from Think Pink Studio in the Netherlands.
© Photo Mascha: Marijke de Gruyter @Fotoformation

The original article has been published here: https://cultuurinrhenen.nl/mascha-bossuyt-pyrografeert-in-rhenen/

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