This piece is about Hope. It’s made for the competition “Artist of the Year” in Rhenen, the Netherlands. The assignment was to make a piece about “places of pleasure”.

I have created “Hope”, a 3 piece made of wood. The greatest place of pleasure is when life gives you more than you’ve hoped for. When it truely exceeds all expectations. Where to find this place? In lives your heart.

“Hope” is a small story that we can all recognize: missing a loved one.

The piece consists of 3 panels:

1. Painting

2. Text panel

3. Oneliner

1. The painting

In the painting you see a woman sitting on a bench overlooking the water. She is looking at a ship that is sailing away toward the horizon.

On the right side of the painting, you see a man walking with a picnic basket and a tree.

The grains of the wood make the surrounding (sky, sea, land) of the painting.

2. The text panel

The text panel explaines the story that you witness in the painting. It’s written in Dutch.

A tear

Silently sliding over her cheek.

She sees his departure fading away in the distance.

The shimmering sky her only comfort.

Her hope

A butterfly suddenly fluttering through her heart.

She will surely soon see him again.

His arms the warm blanket she knows.

The picnic basket

The crunching path bringing hope to longing.

His desire for her bigger than departure’s wishes.

The sky as silent music for their dance.

3. The oneliner

The oneliner panel states the conclusion of the piece: the most beautiful place of pleasure lives in your heart.

This text is also written in Dutch.

See the piece

You can see the piece 14 September 2019 at the Cunerakerk in Rhenen, during the art event “Kunstroute Rhenen”. The piece will be for sale in October, with Dutch or English text.

Photography pieces

Credits to Mirjam Soethaert for the photography of the piece.


The piece is featured in the Dutch Local newspaper “Rhenense Betuwse Courant”.

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